Mechanical Engineering Department at Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar offers full time positions with the following conditions.

Area of Specialty

Should be one of the following:

  1. Thermal sciences teacher. Either thermal system analisys and modelling or unconventional energy systems development is wellcome.
  2. Robotics and or computerized manufacturing technologies.

Formal Studies

Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and have completed Ph.D. studies.

General Terms

  1. Professional research in the area of specialty.
  2. Excellent interpersonal relationships. Highly proactive and team oriented.
  3. Experience developing proyects in the area.
  4. Ready to enroll by January 5th 2018.
  5. Comply with institutional vision and mission.
  6. Certified English proefficiency. Some spanish either written or spoken is desirable but not requiered.
  7. Further interviews and documentation after a preliminary Skype briefing are part of selection procedure.

Expected engagement

  1. Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Course development and deployment.
  3. Research proyect proposal and execution.
  4. Search use of external resource funding.

Application procedure.

  1. You may send your CV to
  2. You will be invited to present a quick briefing on your CV and application by teleconferencing. After that a 10 minutes lecture on a topic related to undergraduate Mech. Eng. is desirable.

Expected enrollment position and salary

  1. Current regulations at UTB can be found here: estatuto profesoral UTB .
  2. Form initial auxiliary teacher to Senior staff, your enrollment position may vary according to your ublications and experience..
  3. Similarly salary can vary accordingly from COP$3500000= to COP$8000000=.